Allison’s Next Concert Dates:

Sunday, September 6, 2015
10:45 AM
New Home Baptist Church
3091 County Road 61
Pisgah, AL 35765

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The Sunday night concert with Allison Speer was a
tremendous worship experience. Allison really connected
with us, and we found her so easy to love. After the concert
she expressed to me that she loved the unusually warm
spirit of our church. For more than twenty years I have
enjoyed Allison’s great voice and the way she puts her whole
heart into every song. My greatest thrill Sunday night was
that from the very first song our youth were exhuberant as
they clapped and gave her a standing ovation. That excitement
carried over to just about everyone because it was
evident that she is so anointed of the Lord as she sings.

I believe we all appreciated that at key points in the concert
Allison reached out to the youth and spoke directly to them.
After the concert everyone saw what I had already seen in
Allison. She is extremely friendly and just plain real. As the
people packed around her she never got in a hurry, but stayed
until the last person left. During that time, groups of our youth
enjoyed visiting with her. Don’t try to tell me youth don’t like the
kind of music we had last night. Thank you Lord for being so good to us!

Rev. Cliff Mayton
Memorial Baptist Church
Spring, TX

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A Word From Bill Gaither

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(January 22, 2015) Nashville, TN - GRAMMY Award-winning musician Ray Stevens has recorded a song co-written by Gaither Homecoming artist, Allison Speer. "The Baptism Of Stumpy Brown," originally released on Allison's Whoo-Hoo, What A Ride! comedy DVD, was written with Cyrus "Buddy" Kalb, a staff writer for Ray Stevens Music. Kalb is a renowned songwriter best known for Ray Stevens hit, "Mississippi Squirrel Revival."

Allison comments, "Having a song recorded by Mr. Stevens is a dream come true. As a kid, I remember listening to his music and memorizing all of the words. I'm thrilled by this news!" She added, "The song idea came about as I sat in a baptismal service and wondered about someone leaving more of his old man behind in the water than he intended. Buddy took the idea and ran with it!"

Ray Stevens will perform "The Baptism Of Stumpy Brown" on his new project, Here We Go Again, which will release on his Player label in mid-February, and will be distributed by Sony music.

Ray Stevens records a song co-written by Allison! Click photo…

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